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Mandara Spa, Bali
Mandara Spa - Bali
Come to Your Senses ...
You Deserve to Feel this Good ....

Mandara Spas are located in many locations in major hotels Bali: Nusa Dua, Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, and Karangasem. Therapy rooms are available in private rooms as well as outdoors, to give a more pleasant feeling of comfort.

Well Being Spa - Seminyak Well Being Spa
An Exotic Experience That Will Awaken
Your Body's Senses, Health, and Peace of Mind

At Well Being Spa we endeavor to combine traditional Indonesian beauty treatments with modern techniques and equipment, to ensure that your journey with us will be thoroughly peaceful, revitalizing, and a luxurious one.

Maya Ubud Riverside  Spa

Maya Ubud Spa
is a riverside haven of peace and tranquility providing exotic and invigorating spa treatments. Set amidst the natural beauty of the rain forest along the river bank, the spa offers secluded privacy to pamper the body and refresh the soul.

The Ritz Carlton Bali Thalasso Spa The Ritz Carlton Bali Thalasso Spa
One of the world's most sensual experiences, in a uniquely romantic setting.
Open yours senses to the wonders of our island paradise and luxuriate in the splendor of the Spa at The Ritz Carlton, Bali Resort & Spa.

Thalasso Spa Bali - Tanjung Benoa Thalasso Spa - Tanjung Benoa, Bali
Revitalize, Refresh, and rejuvenate!
Doesn't your body deserve fit and beauty this holiday?

Thalassotherapy refers to revitalizing treatments using sea benefits : seaweed, seawater, and marine trace elements combined with controlled temperature.

Prana Spa and Villas - Seminyak
The Prana Spa and Villas The Prana spa at The Villas is unique in several ways.
Based on Mogul Palaces be found in Northern India. Prana is a complete departure from the almost generic Zen style of spas. Prana as a concept is based on generosity of spirit. This manifests not only in the lavishness of the physical structure but also in the quality and quantity of our offerings.

JB Grace Spa Bali

J.B. Grace Bali Seaside Spa
J.B. Grace Bali Spa occupies the space of poolside of Matahari Terbit Bungalow. Glass windows overlooking the lush garden provides exotic treatment with the seaside Spa concept and tranquil view.

Martha Tilaar Spa - Nusa Dua

Martha Tilaar Spa & Salon - Nusa Dua
Highly trained therapists provide natural Spa Therapies to nurture the body, mind and spirit using high quality Martha Tilaar natural products.

Martha Tilaar Spa at Desamuda Village, Seminyak

Martha Tilaar Spa & Salon - Kuta
ntroducing the great name of "Martha Tilaar", the mother of Indonesian Natural Cosmetics, having dedicated her life to beauty and health, dreaming of demystifying the secret of Java and give modern woman of today the opportunity to rediscover the beauty within themselves and our eternal connection to nature.

Lila Ulangun Spa at Puri wulandari

Lila Ulangun Spa at Puri Wulandari
A relaxing and soothing haven of ancient escapes of beauty and health hide just a view step away from each villa. The Lila Ulangun Spa facility offers a complete treatment to revitalize your body and soul using traditional tropical herbs and spices.

DH Spa Bali

DH spa
A luxury natural Bali traditional architecture building style, located at Nusa Dua.
Our well trained masseurs will be at your service. Both of your body and mind would be relaxed and refreshed.

Puri Esthetic Spa, Bali

Puri Eshetic Spa
Set amidst a lush and rambling tropical garden, Puri Esthetic has been providing a unique level of personalised, professional spa service since opening in March 1998. The personal vision of owner Lili Herawati, has seen this beautiful former residence transformed into Bali's premier luxury spa hideaway.

Semara Spa, Kuta

Semara Spa
Spa Semara is dedicated to the essential experiences of health, nourishment of the entire person and the pleasures of body and spirit.

Our specially prepared flower water and oils are made from the scents and essences of Bali. Island of magic health "Sacred Water" and traditional beauty.

Kamandalu Spa

Spa at Kamandalu Resort
Nestled amidst lush green rice terraces, Kamandalu Resort & Spa serves as one of Bali's most idyllic resorts. Built above the rushing Petanu River, Kamandalu Resort & Spa is an exotic tranquil haven.

Kori Ubud Spa

Tropical Spa at Kori Ubud Resort
Kori Ubud Spa is the modern and peaceful Spa offers two rooms for individual massages and one room for couple massages. Using only the finest natural ingredients, our attentive and unassuming therapists will help rejuvenate your body and revitalize your mind to fully appreciate your surroundings and Bali vacation.

Kori Ubud Spa

A Tjampuhan Spa at Pita Maha Resort
Immerse yourself and relax in style with a healing session at the Pita Maha Private Villa Spa, set deep in the lust valley of Ubud's River Oos. The centrepiece of the resort, the lavish-appointed Private Villa Spa offers a new completeness in health treatments, the total relaxation of body and mind in the most exquisite surroundings.

Bali Hyatt Spa, Sanur

Spa at Bali Hyatt Sanur
The spa is designed in a typical Balinese courtyard style with special gates, several free standing villas and open air pavilions. The alang - alang roofs, local stonework and traditional structure allows the spa to blend harmoniously into the resort's world famous garden under a range of towering palm trees.


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