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Cruising Bali

Adventure cruises from Bali, Indonesia. See pre-historic komodo dragons from the Jurassic age and ancient tribes and cultures of Indonesia in the Lesser Sunda Islands. Bargains fares and discounts.

Pinisi at Secluded Beach Pinisi Sea Safari Ship Sundeck
Ocean Wave Helicopter Charter

Bali Cruises ' Visit Prehistoric "Komodo Dragons"
the last Survivors from the Dinosaur Age.
Discover Ancient Tribes and Cultures of Indonesia.

These cruises and sea safaris offer a convenient way for visitors to Bali to enrich their experience of Asia and catch a glimpse of pre-historic times by taking a journey into regions of Indonesia little known to the rest of the world.

You can do all this either in just a few days on a scheduled cruise or, more leisurely, on board of a chartered Bugis "Pinisi" schooner ' and without any of the hardships often connected with visiting remote areas. There are regular departures from Bali throughout the year, and the fares fit all budgets.

Safari Cruises
Pinisi Sea Safari   Buginese "Pinisi Sea Safari" Schooners
Custom-designed for Western travellers in 1996-1998, equipped with modern navigation and safety machines, cabins are air-conditioned, TV/Video lounge. Sea Safari III, V, VI & Sea Safari VIINew.
- 3 Days Lombok Leisure Expedition from July '05 New
- 7 Days Komodo Safari from July '05
Ombak Putih Cruise   Pinisi "Ombak Putih" & "Ombak Biru" Cruises Program
Designed by traditional craftsmen in Kalimantan for Westerner travellers in 1996/1997, this schooner is also equipped with modern navigation and safety tools. 12 cabins with 17 crews.
- 7 Days Sight Sailing Cruise from July '05
- 8/11 Nights Life Aboard Diving from July '05 with Ombak Biru

Daily Cruises in Bali
Bali Hai Cruises   Bali Hai Cruises
Daily Cruises. There are six excellent daily cruises to choose from. The Lembongan Island Reef Cruise, the Beach Club Cruise, the Sunset Dinner Cruise, the spectacular trip aboard Aristocat, the Ocean Rafting 3 Island Cruise and Dolphin Cruise. Whichever you choose, you're sure to enjoy some of Bali's best views, a host of exciting activities and a sumptuous buffet. All in the capable hands of the experienced and hospitable crew.
Bali Bounty Cruises   Bali Bounty Cruises
Cruise in comfort aboard Bali Bounty Cruises 400 passenger catamaran. With a cruising speed of up to 30 knots, you may sit back, relax and enjoy full staff service while reading the daily newspaper or viewing our onboard video entertainment. We sail from Bali every day.
Island Explorer Cruises   Island Explorer Cruises
Taking you to one day vacation at Coconut Beach Resort, Lembongan Island on any of their four types cruises; relax with yacht, fun with Island Princess, super fast with Quick Cat or ocean rafting with Island Flyer.
Odyssey Submarine   Odyssey Submarine New
With the normal diving site up to 90ft deep and for 45 minute ride in this unique vessel, you will be taken to the most breathtaking and rarely visited underwater world, and you will surely be able to observe and have firsthand experience of the tropical marine fauna, such as octopus/squids, napoleon, yellow jack and many other brightly colored fish as well as the unusually beautiful flora and delicate corals.

Vessel & Flight Charter
Pamela   Charter Vessels
You can choose from a range of different charter yachts, sailing boats, and traditional schooners with expert crew and Western tour guide for charter cruises from Bali through the Lesser Sunda Islands, to Sulawesi, and through the Moluccas.

Also available for fishing games or surf safaris.
Air Craft Tours and Charter   Air Craft Tours and Charter
Whether it's majestic volcano's, scenic beaches, private picnics, helicopter weddings, hotel transfers or getting to the golf course in time, you can use this service. Fleet of aircrafts consist of two Bell 206B helicopters, Cessna 402B twin engine light aircraft and a Beechcraft Super King Air 200 twin turboprop aircraft.

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